30th Birthday…

I celebrated my 30th birthday last week. I was tricked by my wife to go to Las Vegas for her school event. I detest the trip to Vegas because of very painful driving experience from LA to Vegas and return.

So, I left early around 3PM from LA and reach Vegas by 9PM. I did not know that my friends were going to surprise me in Vegas. After seeing them, a rush of energy started pumping in my body. All of a sudden, I was energetic and wanted to do a lot of things with them in Vegas.

Pretty much all of us were exhausted from the journey to Vegas and no one actually had the zeal to go out on Friday night.

Hence, we ended up having dinner in food  court and then checked-in in  a lounge. The lounge was okay. We had some crazy shots with some weird named cocktails. We spent around 2 hours and later checked-in in a restaurant and had food around 3AM. After the late night meal, we went to our hotel and dozed off in the room. And from here the agony begins…

The next day, everyone was in a bad shape. Lot of drinks, not enough sleep, dehydration, exhaustion from the journey just multiplied and we ended up with 7 really messed up individuals. That day we did not do anything, had food from one place to another till it was 6PM. Went back to hotel for a quick nap and then off to a show in semi-sleepy state. Back from show, had dinner and then back to room for a night sleep.

The next day was fresh for most of us and the day was the same as previous one. Had food from one place to another till it was evening. And then played some board games (yeah right, board games in Vegas) in the room till the food was delivered to our hotel.

I never imagined that my first Vegas trip with my friends will be so lame. I understand some of us were not feeling well, but the most important realization is, We all are OLD now. We cannot spend a day in a good mood if we did not sleep enough. We lack energy the next day if we pushed our body for some extra work the previous day. I believed as compared to my friends, I am more energetic and my belief was shattered by reality.

The trip was fun, I mean, it is always fun to be around friends but the trip was disaster in Vegas standard.

Thank you guys for the surprise, it was really fun to see you all but to be honest, our Vegas trip sucked big time. I mean to do all that, we did not have to be in Vegas. We could be better of being in a hotel in the middle of a national park.

I think, we all need to find ways to revitalize our body and mind. And then we should all visit Vegas for some awesome fun….


3 thoughts on “30th Birthday…

  1. I agree we could have done the same thing anywhere else but the trip was fun.
    We are not “Old” , just that we are no longer young!
    Also the entire timing was off .. but why we complaining we have the next big 30’s coming!

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