I always try to be really serious with money. I like to keep all the transactions in order with everyone. I keep a tab of who spend where and how much I owe anyone and how much some one owes me. I think for me it is more important to keep a track of how much I owe someone rather that how much some one owes me.

My attitude is not because I am stingy or spendthrift or because its “MY MONEY”.

I have seen relations getting bitter over time due to money. I just want to avoid that situation. I have amazing family and friends, but still I try to keep all my finances clean.

Let us say, I spent more on my best friend as compared to what he spent on me. I think that won’t bother me as long as I have enough. But the day when my pockets aren’t deep enough, I will detest for my actions during good times. That will infact turn my amazing relation into a jungle of bitterness.

But if I try to keep my finances and my relationships separate, at least I am eliminating one possible reason for ruining my relationships. I know that is crazy of me but I cannot predict the future. Things can and will change, money will come and go but relationships will helps us in holding things together and I do not want to ruin it just because of small petty amounts.

I don’t think keeping finances separate means I don’t like or trust my relationships. It just means, I hold my relationships more important than money…!!!


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