Really, Grow up….

So, the other day, I was having this discussion with my friend.

Me – Have you seen this movie?

Friend – Ohh yeah. It was an amazing movie.

Me – Yeah it was, but I kind a was bored.

Friend – Really hurt (don’t know why?)..!!! (some moments later), You have to grow to like such movies….

I was dumbfounded and thought why would my friend say such a thing? I mean, I thought I did not offend my friend by speaking about my friend’s personality or habits or any personal thing, then why is my friend trying to offend me? I was offended but still I forgave my friend, but I couldn’t forget it. I was like, it is just a stupid movie, why would anyone take it so personally.

It is just matter of likes and dislikes. Give me a person/thing/place that everyone likes. It is not possible to have something that everyone likes. Even some thing as bad as guns, not everyone is on board to ban it. And something as good as peace, not everyone likes it either, else there would be no war in this world. If some one does not share your likings then it does not mean that you should be condescending.

Don’t try to characterize anyone based on penchant towards movies/brands/songs/food or any materialistic things. Please try to have a different perspective. Don’t get offended on such silly things and try to strike back.

I hope with time, I develop an attitude of ignorance towards such comments and people around me. I may not be able to change people around me but I can definitely change myself.

People, who share my feelings, hang in their and don’t get offended. Try to be ignorant so that you will be at peace….!!! All the best…!!!!


One thought on “Really, Grow up….

  1. trying to be ignorant is as difficult my dear friend… the very nature of ours does not let you be ignorant 🙂 but anyways, I totally agree with you on above thought…

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