My solution for Rapes….

Recently, it seems like rapes are commonplace in India. Irrespective of age, sex, time and place, we hear about rapes everywhere. I am not an emotional guy but when I read or hear any atrocity against women, my heart cries. If I see any video where a woman is being sexually, physically or mentally abused, I get restless and rage takes over my sane mind. I always think of how to stop these rapes and punish the culprit in such a way that the severe punishment sets an example for others.

During the last couple of months, there is an argument about the punishment for rapist. There are many recommendations:

  1. Death sentence
  2. Castration
  3. Rigorous imprisonment
  4. Public hanging etc.

I, personally think that all these punishment is not too harsh for a rapist. To understand my point of view, lets talk about the victim for a second. For the sake of it, consider I am a woman and I have been. Let us now discuss about me and my situation after the incident.

  • I cannot trust any male around me.
  • Society will never accept me. (This is the worst thing a society does)
  • Most will think that I enjoyed being raped and I am the person to blame. I will have to fight with all of them and protect me from not being insane and start accusing myself.
  • I want the victims be punished and I have to fight with the law so the culprits be punished. (I expect that law will fight with me but it is opposite)
  • I will never have a normal life with family and kids.
  • Even if I become a part of the work force and get a job, pretty sure that I will not get the same treatment as others.

All those could be handled but the most important one, being a victim, I am traumatized for life. I will live in constant fear about re-occurrence of the event. I might lose my self-esteem, self-respect and self-confidence and it is difficult to recover from this situation.

Now, do you really think that death sentence or any other punishment is enough for the culprits? For me, it seems like death sentence is easy way out for the culprits. I don’t think any of the punishment is comparable to the situation faced by the victim.


To be honest, my solution is not in adherence to non-violence ideology or human rights code. I don’t think that rapist be treated as human. I think a murderer is far better than a rapist. A murderer kills the victim for once but a rapist kills the victims for the rest of the life. The victims dies every day till the wounds are healed.

I think that women be more powerful. It seems that today, law of jungle is applicable everywhere. If you are powerful, others respect you.
Lets go back to my example, I am a rape victim and now I have two choices.

  1. Believe in the law and hope that law will take it course and punish the culprits, which might take forever.
  2. Take matters in my hand.

I would take path number 2. Anyways, the culprits messed up my life. The culprits have made my life miserable. Why not, I take matters in my hand and teach them a lesson, so that no one will ever dare to rape anyone. If 10-15 victims followed my path and made sure that the culprits and inhumanely punished, I really think that all the possible rapist around will get the lesson and will not mess up with any woman again. I know that an eye for an eye will make this world blind but that does not mean that we should not retaliate when a wild dog attacks your. For me all the rapists are wild dogs and should be shot on point-blank in front of everyone.

My dear woman, law might punish the culprit but it will not make the trauma go away. The culprits will get some punishment but then they will be back in the world looking for another prey. All I really care is that you, the victim, should be at peace and there should not be any victim of this inhuman action.

Women, I am really sorry (from all the sane men in the world).


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