Email Exchanges between Indian National Congress and Myself – Part 2

Dear Anup,
Media reports have indicated that Shri Narendra Modi is spending Rs 5,000 crore to advertise his Prime Ministerial ambitions. The total expenditure in the campaign is estimated at Rs 10,000 crore.
This is more what US President Barack Obama spent in his Election campaign.
Have you ever wondered where all this money is coming from?
Everyone knows how the Adani’s empire has grown under Mr Modi’s benevolence.
He claims that he would banish corruption from India but he needs to answer these three simple questions before any Indian can even believe a single word of his sermons.
 1. Why was land given to Adanis at the rate of Rs. 2.5 to 25 per sq. m. when market rate is 1000 to 1500 per sq. m.?
2. Why did he agree to pay 63 paise per unit more than market rate for power to the Adanis, leading to a loss of Rs 23,625 crore to Gujarat.?
3. Why did he give 9,558 acres of land in and around Kutch, without competitive bidding, at less than Rs. 1.29 lakh per acre, to the Adanis. The Adanis resold it to the Indian Oil Corporation at Rs. 29 lakh per acre?
We would be grateful if you could please ask these three simple questions to your nearest Modi supporter. Please let us know if they have any answers.
Read more about this here
Digital Team,

Indian National Congress


My Reply:

To start with, I am not a supporter of any party. But I only want to see our country, India to progress.

Realistically speaking no political person is clean in our country. And sometimes it makes me wonder, whether democracy is something we should strive for. Anyways lets keep that for another discussion.

There are two types of marketing, positive and negative. Positive marketing is where you keep telling about all the good things that your product does, the benefits of using your product and etc etc. Negative marketing is where you do not say anything about your product but keeps talking about the limitation and problems with your competitor. And this is exactly what what you are doing.

Lets talk what have you achieved.

  1. Food Security Bill and some JawaharLal Nehru Rural Bill (sorry I do not remember the exact name)
    • These bills are the worst of its kind. This may make people to vote for you but this works against country. Due to these bills, there is shortage of labor force in India. Companies are struggling to find unskilled workers. Food security bill gives them almost free food while the other bill gives them money for absolutely doing nothing. Explain me, how will a country progress. History has proved many times that giving things free just proves against the development. But anyways, you do not care about the country as long as your deep pockets are filled.
  2. You talk about secularism.
    • India is the only country in the world that gives subsidiary for Haj pilgrimage. If you are really secular, then please provide subsidiary for Vatican visits. Also provide subsidiary for people who goes to “Char Dham”. Personally, I do not care which religion gets what subsidiary but Indians are religious. This strategy is creating conflicts between people. This is divisive politics.
  3. Lets talk about Robert Vadra.
    • How can a person make so much money in so less time? He might be smart and intelligent and knows how to make money. I request Mr. Vadra to let India know, how to quickly make money. Our country will be super rich very soon and there won’t be any problems left in the country. Please ask him.
    • And why does he get special benefits in all Indian airports? He is not a public servant but still India keeps showering special benefits on him. Why he is not allowed for security check and all the other formalities? I have a picture of the notice that was displayed in Mumbai airport, I can send it to you.

Now lets answer some of your questions.

If Modi is giving some subsidiary to an industrialist, it is better for India. How? Industrialist build up industries which in turn generates employment and helps build the economy and raise paying capability of very individual. On the contrary, you guys just cheat and loot and put up your money in Swiss banks or other tax havens. Your government couldn’t even increase the road infrastructure in the last 10 years, forget about setting industries and creating employment.

Finally lets analyze and you will get your answer, choose Modi, who in turn will give benefits to big Industrialist which will setup industries and create employment and boost our economy or choose Gandhi, who will give benefits to Vadra and Varda does nothing.


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