We are INDIANS…!!!!

As the title suggests, this blog is about Indians. To be honest, I might not be able to set the tone of the blog but just wanted to share some observations.

We, Indians, are very interesting, complex and weird people. May be these observations might be true for other races too, but I cannot confirm or deny it. I can talk about Indians because I am an Indian and I can observe my fellow countrymen with some more details as compared to others.

This blog is dedicated to those Indians who are not residing in India and specifically residing in USA. Why USA? Because I am in USA. Hence my observations about only USA residing Indians. My observations does not mean that I am not a part of it. So, don’t think that I am any different than the rest. Folks I, myself behave the same way.


  1. We think that we are the only capable person who has the privilege to live in USA. The moment, an Indian sees another Indian, he thinks that how the other person managed to come and live in USA.
  2. We don’t like what we are and we all strive to be someone else. For e.g. – We want to have an American ascent and we strive hard to achieve it. We want to achieve it so that we can communicate with locals. I might be wrong, but I feel we are the only race doing that. I see other Asians (with really difficult English ascent) not trying hard to change it.
  3. We really dislike each other. We will not go to a particular restaurant just because it is famous among Indians. We will not sign an apartment lease because many Indians stays there. We will not go to a particular vacation spot due to its popularity among Indians.
  4. We are really pretentious and have double standards for what is done in India and what is done in USA. Let me give you some examples.
  • We like and appreciate Arnold Schwarzenegger’s movies where he alone destroys an entire battalion but we criticize when Dharmendra or Sunny Deol does the same thing.
  • We enjoy Harry Potter movies where between two wizards shoot electricity from their wands but we laugh and make jokes when similar things are shown in Mahabharata or Ramayana.
  • We are enthralled to see James Bond do all the crazy actions without getting any wrinkles on his blazer but we want to talk physics when Rajnikant or Mithun kills two people with one single bullet.
  • We talk about cleanliness in USA and we just go shooting crap all over the street the moment we land in India.
  • We will never visit any orphanage in India but we put up a live show in USA.
  • We will be preaching anti-corruption all the way in USA but the moment we land on any Indian airport, we will try to bribe the custom officer.

      The list is too long but I hope you get the gist. I know many readers will be offended by this but folks this is just for fun. As I said, I do subset of all the things above.

Just read it, laugh on it and forget..


Absolver or Killer?

The other day I watched a movie called as Bol and I was really moved.

The movie is about a couple aspiring for a boy but parenting a girl at every attempt. Finally the couple, parents a boy but the boy is an eunuch. The father wants the boy to be euthanized but the mother resists. The reason for father’s act – the boy will not have a normal life and will spend life like other eunuchs and bring shame to his name.

Lets stop here and get into the deep meaning of the last sentence. (I, personally, is against killing or aborting a child just based on sex. So, this blog is not about it. Just wanted to make it clear.)

Lets look from the father’s perspective about the eunuch child.

  • The child will not have a normal life
  • The child will not have friends and family as everyone.
  • The child will not have a status in the society
  • The child will not have equal job opportunities
  • There won’t be any progress of the child and etc. etc.

I don’t agree with “bringing shame to my name” so I won’t go in that area.

I, personally think that all the points above are valid. Do I want my child to go through that process? Do I want my child not to have the same opportunity as others? Do I want a hard life for my child.

I, definitely do not want those things for my child. I would want that my child to be euthanized. You might feel, that I am very insensitive but let me explain through two perspective – practical and spiritual.

Practical –

There is a saying “survival of the fittest”. Take up any animal species and you will find that example to be true. For e.g. Cobra’s – when the eggs are hatched, the mother creates a wall around the eggs and wait for the kids to cross it. The kids that couldn’t cross are eaten by the mother. Eagles – They always give two eggs. One egg is bigger and the other is smaller. The smaller egg/child is turned into food when the food is scarce.

In short, the world is meant for fittest. Just imagine the life of your child where everyone around is fitter. Imagine the pain the child will need to bear when the society neglects it, when the society sympathizes for the condition of the child or do something out of pity. I mean, I couldn’t even imagine the mental condition of the child. Do I want my child to go through all this…? I definitely do not..

Spiritual: –

Let for the sake of it believe in reincarnation. According to Hinduism, every one is reborn after death as penance due to past life sins.

Lets believe that your child is born with some defects due to some past life sins. Do you want your child to suffer for all the past life sins or you want your child to be absolved from the sins by euthanizing the child?

In Mahabharata, Ganga gives birth to 8 boys and she kills 7 of them. She couldn’t kill the 8the one which turns out to be Bhisma. If you read Bhisma’s life story, you would realize all the trouble he has to go through. Ganga kills her 7 boys because the 8 boys were cursed because of past life act. And she promised that she will set them free from the curse by killing them the day they are born. And hence she kills them.

So, it could be possible that my unborn child is cursed because of some past life sins and I am the chosen one to set him free from the hardships of this life so my child could have a better next life.

Well, this is just a perspective and I am sure that each one of us can come up with a new and different perspective. My idea was just to provide a perspective and not to discuss about its superiority.

Why to be moral?

Our life is always surrounded by fear. Most of the decision are guided by fear. We have to study hard so that our future isn’t bad. We have to make friends so that we are not alone. We have to be good as a human so that we are not punished for our sins.

Sometimes, it makes me wonder, what if I remove all the fear in my life, will I take the same decisions that I have taken so far? Will I do the same things, behave same way that I have been doing?


First situation:-

I stopped worrying about the future. I stopped thinking and taking actions that will ascertain that my future is good. I stopped working (too hard) and instead start doing bare minimum to comfort me and my present.Trying and doing everything that will make me happy at present and not for my future. I might have a good time today but in future I will have to suffer. I will be struggling when I will not have enough energy. I will be old, sick and destitute. I along with my family will be suffering for the bad decisions I have taken at present. All these thoughts (fear) is my guiding light. These fears helps me to be sane and taking right decisions so that my future holds good.

Second situation:-

In Hinduism, there is a concept of reincarnation. You are born, you live, you die, you are reborn and the cycle continues until and unless you achieve Nirvana. You cannot remember what you have done in your past life. But based on the sins of your past life, your current life will be decided by GOD. So, if in my current life, I am good to others and always do the right thing, I will be blessed with a better life in the next life. At the same time, if I am bad to others, do all inhuman and immoral activities then I will be punished for my sins in the next life. So this fear, make sure that everyone in this world tries to be as moral as they can. Due to this fear, people do not hurt others (even if they want to). This fear keeps a tab of the moral values on everyone.


Difference between two scenarios:

In the first one, the result of your actions (good or bad) will be in the same life. You will have to suffer for your decisions in later part of life. But you will have to suffer in the very life. You will remember everything that you did, you did not do and result of your actions. This is a good lesson to yourself and others.

In the second one, the result of your actions (good or bad) will be in the next life. You will suffer for your actions, but in the next life. This means you will not remember what you have done before and why are you being punished. In this scenario, when I know the result is in my next life and I won’t even remember what I have done, what prohibits me from doing any immoral activities in my current life? What prohibits me from not being the next Dawood Ibrahim? For me, Dawood did all the immoral activities and he is living a king’s life. He is not being punished for his sins in this life. He might get punished in the next one. But who cares about the next life.

Think about the politicians in India. Most of them are bad and immoral but even they are living a king’s life. People comment that they definitely have some problems/tensions that we do not see. My point, who doesn’t have problems and tensions in this world? I mean people still die, people still suffer from diseases, people still loose their loved ones in some tragic accident. All these problems are still there irrespective whether you being good or bad. Then why not be bad and spend a king’s life knowing that your next life will be bad.

I still have my morals in place but I don’t understand why they are in place. I don’t see any implication for being immoral. I believe these questions are asked by common man but the inability to find the answer or fear for not doing the immoral activities, people continue to do which harms the society.




Advertising is really a good profession. Creativity is required to be good in advertising. The ideas might look good to you but it may not appeal to the general audience. Today, I am going to talk about advertising in India and US. I have the exposure of both the media’s and I think I can talk about them.

Lets start with Indian advertising industry. This industry is very big in India because you have 1 billion masses to target. So, the ad’s have to be creative and very generic so that it applies to all the masses. I would say that the ad’s are better than most of the Bollywood Movies released in a year. The industry believes in advertising the product and it advantages. The ad’s will talk about the quality of product or service and the advantages of using it. The ad’s will never talk about the competitors and their products. So, in short the ad’s will talk only about the product in the advertisement and why the customers should buy it.

In US, the advertising is weird. The industry runs by using derogatory comments about the competitor and their products or services. The ad’s will tell how the competitor’s product or service is bad and why the customers should stop using the competitor’s product. The ad’s will hardly talk about the product and its quality, most they are targeted towards defaming competitors. In short, the ad’s tell that the competitor’s product or service is bad and that is why the customer should buy the product which is advertised.

These are two different attitudes. Personally, I will like the first attitude. Try to prove your point or idea, quit disproving the other side. Though the result is same, but the attitude is very different…!!!!

Effective Punishments……

The other day I was watching a movie “Jaago”. It is a bollywood flick about a family, fighting against the rapist of their 9 year old child. The end of the movie actually took my attention. The rapist brutally assault the girl and she dies. The rapist gets a death sentence and everyone is satisfied with the justice but me. I did not feel that the justice prevails over the crime. I some how agrees with the Saudi Arabia’s practice for justice. In Saudi Arabia, the law is very simple. “An eye for an eye” is the mantra and it works and is effective. Let me explain.

Lets talk about the 2001 terrorist attack on Indian Parliament. Mohammad Afzal is the convict and death sentence is awarded to him for his terrorist activity. But it has been years and yet he is not yet hanged. Lot of people wants him to be hanged but I am of the different opinion. Don’t hang people and kill them. Make them suffer for their ungodly activities. Mohammad Afzal is in jail and is dying every day. This punishment is way more effective than killing the person in a moment. In one of his interview, he begged for death !!!!!

The same theory can be applied to rapists, murders, theives, dacoits and all other criminals. Currently, according to the Indian Penal code, a rapists gets a 7 year rigorous imprisonment or at most a life imprisonment. Is that punishment enough? The victim of a rape goes through such a mental and physical trauma that this punishment is not enough according to the convicted crime. There should be a different punishment something which is with the culprit for its entire life. For e.g. both the hands or legs of the rapist should be amputated or some surgery to force him to be a celibate. These punishments are so intense that a person will think twice before committing any felony.

I know these punishments are inhuman but are these culprits human? Do they deserve to be treated like human? What kind of human rapes a 9 year old or what kind of human performs a mass homicide. If we have such punishments in force then I believe that the crime rate will fall drastically. Even if the law system is flawed, the grave punishments will make the system effective. If these punishments are awarded to few culprits, others will fear about it and will think before any felony.

Don’t kill culprits… Let them live and suffer……

Arrange Marriages..!!!!

I met lot of people in US who have misinformation about arrange marriages. I though of blogging it…

1) We are not forced into arrange marriages, it is our personal choice (or say last option to find the right match 🙂 )

2) We(male and female) have equal opportunity to agree or disagree to any marriage proposal.

3) We are given some time( not years but days) to decide over any ongoing marriage proposal.

4) We are given enough time and space to communicate ourself to each other.

5) Parents do the first screening and we too have the screening right.

6) Though we do not have a live in relationship before getting married but that does not mean that we are physically forced and married to the very next girl our parents decide.

7) The marriage process is started since years and both the families do all types of screenings before moving forward because marriages in India are amalgamation of two families.

(Please add any more points in the comments, if I am missing)

No purpose No LIFE

I am writing after a long time. All these days were not busy but just couldn’t find a good topic to blog.  I thought of breaking the inactivity state and just writing some thing.

Today I am going to discuss a question whose answer is not known to majority of us. I always ponder to analyize my purpose in this life. I am not sure how many of you really believes in the concept of “having a purpose in life” but I sincerely believes in and try to find it. ( so far no luck… 😉 ). I am sure that I don’t want to just live a normal life without having any impact on any thing around me. I don’t want to relate my life or my self with a rock which just exist without even making any move.

I feel everyone is born with a purpose in life and every one should try to find it. Life doesn’t mean only to earn money but there are many different things associated with each individual’s life. There are so many things to explore, learn, understand and finally give it to others. I am being extremely philosophical but this is what I understand.

I am trying to articulate my feelings in words but it seems that my thougts are not yet developed to pen down properly….

(Will definitely update….)