Horror or Comedy?

I watched this bollywood movie Haunted.

The movie is little scary (and I mean it, little scary). The movie does leave an impression on you but the story is really funny.

The gist of the story…. (Don’t worry, I am not spoiling anything for you. There is no suspense in the movie)

A house is haunted by two ghosts. A teacher and a student.

  1. A teacher is madly in love with his student.
  2. Teacher wants to have sexual relationship with the student.
  3. Student do not agree with the teacher hence teacher tries to rape the student.
  4. Student kills the teacher.
  5. Teacher comes back as a ghost. Now the teacher(a ghost) rapes the student(a human).
  6. Student bears the sexual assault for 3-4 days and end her life.
  7. Now, the student too turns into a ghost.

Now the story is really funny….

The teacher(a ghost) house arrest the student (another ghost) and rapes her everyday. I will stop the story right here…

A ghost raping another ghost…….!!!!
First of all, a ghost raping a human is funny. Now a ghost raping another ghost…!!!!

I was confused, should I be scared or should I be laughing.


Harishchandra Chi Factory

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Harishchandra chi factory, what an excellent Marathi movie. The movie narrates an excellent tale of how Dada Saheb Phalke did his first motion feature film, in short how he started the Bollywood.

The gist of the movie is simple. It is about how a visionary lays the foundation of Bollywood in 1913. It is about his way of thinking, his attitude and his hard work that earned him all the success. And the best thing, all this is shown in a comic way. The movie doesn’t focuses on how he faced the problems but it focuses mainly on the way he addresses them. Dada Saheb, the character in the movie, is depicted as a comic character with a smiling face and ready to address any problem that blocks his path.

There have been many inspiring movie but according to me, this movies stands out different. Movies like, Chak De, Natarang, Guru etc. are all inspiring but they are a medley of success and failure. These movies talks about the success and also about the adversity of the characters. Harishchandra chi Factory is little different. In the movie the character does face many problems but the way he addresses them is extremely impressive. The family support, his relation with his family, his eagerness and his courage are some of the traits conspicuous to the audience.

I am not sure whether the situation was same in real life or not for Dada Saheb but the director has made it look very simple and easy. He made it sure that the audiences are filled positively throughout the movied

A must watch movie… !!!!!

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