Really, Grow up….

So, the other day, I was having this discussion with my friend.

Me – Have you seen this movie?

Friend – Ohh yeah. It was an amazing movie.

Me – Yeah it was, but I kind a was bored.

Friend – Really hurt (don’t know why?)..!!! (some moments later), You have to grow to like such movies….

I was dumbfounded and thought why would my friend say such a thing? I mean, I thought I did not offend my friend by speaking about my friend’s personality or habits or any personal thing, then why is my friend trying to offend me? I was offended but still I forgave my friend, but I couldn’t forget it. I was like, it is just a stupid movie, why would anyone take it so personally.

It is just matter of likes and dislikes. Give me a person/thing/place that everyone likes. It is not possible to have something that everyone likes. Even some thing as bad as guns, not everyone is on board to ban it. And something as good as peace, not everyone likes it either, else there would be no war in this world. If some one does not share your likings then it does not mean that you should be condescending.

Don’t try to characterize anyone based on penchant towards movies/brands/songs/food or any materialistic things. Please try to have a different perspective. Don’t get offended on such silly things and try to strike back.

I hope with time, I develop an attitude of ignorance towards such comments and people around me. I may not be able to change people around me but I can definitely change myself.

People, who share my feelings, hang in their and don’t get offended. Try to be ignorant so that you will be at peace….!!! All the best…!!!!


30th Birthday…

I celebrated my 30th birthday last week. I was tricked by my wife to go to Las Vegas for her school event. I detest the trip to Vegas because of very painful driving experience from LA to Vegas and return.

So, I left early around 3PM from LA and reach Vegas by 9PM. I did not know that my friends were going to surprise me in Vegas. After seeing them, a rush of energy started pumping in my body. All of a sudden, I was energetic and wanted to do a lot of things with them in Vegas.

Pretty much all of us were exhausted from the journey to Vegas and no one actually had the zeal to go out on Friday night.

Hence, we ended up having dinner in food  court and then checked-in in  a lounge. The lounge was okay. We had some crazy shots with some weird named cocktails. We spent around 2 hours and later checked-in in a restaurant and had food around 3AM. After the late night meal, we went to our hotel and dozed off in the room. And from here the agony begins…

The next day, everyone was in a bad shape. Lot of drinks, not enough sleep, dehydration, exhaustion from the journey just multiplied and we ended up with 7 really messed up individuals. That day we did not do anything, had food from one place to another till it was 6PM. Went back to hotel for a quick nap and then off to a show in semi-sleepy state. Back from show, had dinner and then back to room for a night sleep.

The next day was fresh for most of us and the day was the same as previous one. Had food from one place to another till it was evening. And then played some board games (yeah right, board games in Vegas) in the room till the food was delivered to our hotel.

I never imagined that my first Vegas trip with my friends will be so lame. I understand some of us were not feeling well, but the most important realization is, We all are OLD now. We cannot spend a day in a good mood if we did not sleep enough. We lack energy the next day if we pushed our body for some extra work the previous day. I believed as compared to my friends, I am more energetic and my belief was shattered by reality.

The trip was fun, I mean, it is always fun to be around friends but the trip was disaster in Vegas standard.

Thank you guys for the surprise, it was really fun to see you all but to be honest, our Vegas trip sucked big time. I mean to do all that, we did not have to be in Vegas. We could be better of being in a hotel in the middle of a national park.

I think, we all need to find ways to revitalize our body and mind. And then we should all visit Vegas for some awesome fun….

Do we care?

Yet another bomb blast in India. Hmm… Does any one know, what are the next steps…? Let me guess….

1. All the political parties and leaders condemning the cowardly act.

2. Internationally, the act will be condemned.

3. 24/7 telecast of the blast site for a week.

4. Two weeks of discussion around the country with some investigation progress.

5. And then, everything goes right in the dust bin and everyone is back to their usual life.

Hold on, I think I know all this. This is like Deja-vu…. If I am not wrong, the same thing happen about a month ago in Mumbai and 4-6 times in the last 2-3 years.

We all say that the government is at fault, the intelligence bureau is useless and the police is worthless. But I really feel, We, The People of India, are careless.

We do not even care of these blasts if none of our family member is affected. For most of us, it is just a number game. 100 dead, 200 dead, 400 dead….

I remember having a discussion with my friend, that for a long time nothing happened in India. I realized that we are just waiting for something to happen. We anticipate and wait for bomb blast or any other terrorist activities to happen. This is what is wrong with our attitude.

Just to be fair and square, I am no different in attitude. Even for me, it is the same. Read news, call home, talk to people about the blast, do the blame game (a week of discussion) and then get back to normalcy. I hope someday we all (including me) change our attitude toward this….

Have Faith = Loser?

We all want something in/from our life.  Let us talk about a hypothetical situation.

A girl is looking around for a possible soul mate. We can have two different perspective for this problem.

1) The girl needs to work hard and try hard to find her soul mate. She needs to socialize and network with as many as she can find. She needs to understand people in short span of time, so that she can make judicious decisions. She needs to open up enough to engage someone and not too much to scare him away. She needs lot of practice to master the act of reading an individual through his actions and body language. All these are important and necessary actions but all these doesn’t guarantee success.

2) The girl doesn’t needs to try too hard. She just has to be as normal as she can. She just has to have faith and believe that whatever happens, it happens for good.

Personally, I do not see any problem with these two different perspectives. The first one is where you do what is in your control. You take all possible steps, try every method and hope for the success in the end.

In the second approach, you just have faith. Irrespective of first or second approach, you need to have faith.

But at times, this faith may make you look like a loser. It may feel like, you have just given up and relying on your faith/destiny.

Not sure, I am able to present my thoughts. Without complicating further, I will just end it…

Anyways, the good part is, I AM BACK TO BLOGGING….. Hope to publish my thoughts more frequently…

Who we are..!!!!

Let me tell you two stories…


A family of four are driving around just to have some fun. Dad and Mom are in the front seat while their two kids are in the back. Everyone is enjoying the togetherness and having a good time. The kids are happy to have such an amazing parents while parents are happy to have each other. One of the kid suddenly craves for an ice-cream. He conveys the same to his parents and immediately both the parents disagree. They do not want the kid to eat ice-cream in the car. The car might get dirty. The atmosphere suddenly changes. One of the kid is frowning while other is trying to comprehend the situation. On the other side, both the parents are trying to explain how eating ice-cream in the car is a bad idea.


A group of friends are having fun in an apartment. They are singing, dancing, drinking, eating and are happy to have such friends around. Everyone feels very lucky to be surrounded with amazing friends. While dancing, one of the friend spills a drink on the carpet. At the very same moment, the atmosphere is changed. The singing and dancing stops and a friend is yelling at another for spilling a drink. In a short span of time, the party ended abruptly and everyone is heading towards their home.


You must be wondering, what I want to convey? I realize that everyone around us gives more importance to things that doesn’t matter. I understand that you need to take care of stuff you possess to avoid any monetary loss but at what cost? Why we all give so much importance to carpets, furniture, cars, car-seats and other things that we forget to enjoy our life. We don’t invite people at our place because the carpet might get dirty. We don’t want to take our cars because the car may be screwed. We all forget one thing, all these things can be fixed with money, but we cannot fix our relationships with others with money. We buy all these things to make our life more comfortable. These are just tools and not very integral part of life.


I hope some day, we all understand this before it is too late.


Inspired by:
Please check the video…. (Specially from 6th minute) prefer to watch the entire one.

What an Irony?

Boy, what a day…!!!!!!

Saturday May 15th 2010 —
8 AM : As a usual Saturday, I got up early and headed to our cricket match.

9 AM to 7 PM : The match was fun and surprisingly we won it. We scored 340 runs in 40 overs and won the match by 160 runs. The match was over by 7
PM and was back home by 8 PM.

8 PM : At home with my friends. Took a walk and was dead tired by 10 PM.

10.30 PM : Off to bed. For the first time in life, I put my phone on silent so that no one will disturb me.

Sunday May 16th 2010 —

7.30 AM : Was forced to get up because of my vibrating phone. My parents were calling, I picked up the call and the first thing I heard was “You
are committed

I was confused, perplexed, dumb founded and shocked. I had no idea how to react on the situation. I was on the phone for the next 5 hours talking to lot of people and still trying to comprehend the situation. I checked my phone, there were 25 missed calls and 10 voice messages. Family and friends started congratulating me and I am sitting on my bed wondering how life can change in the span of 10 hours.

I slept as a single and I got up as a committed person. Such a big change while I was asleep the whole time. The most funny part, I was the LAST one to know about this change…….


Maharashtra Navnirman Sena rally at Shivaji Pa...
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Got very excited after watching some interviews of Raj Thackeray on youtube. Went to and wrote this letter to him. It doesn’t matter if this note reaches him or not….!!!!!

To Mr. Raj Thackeray,

My name is Anup and I am currently residing in USA. I am an avid follower of you and your ideologies. I believe you have the spark required for the necessary change in Maharashtra politics. I follow all your videos and interviews on YouTube and I am always mesmerized at the end of it.

It seems you have a thorough understanding of the problems faced by common man. You always do your study and have your statistics ready before talking on any subject and that is what the young generation likes about you. Though at times the actions are not very appreciated but I understand as there is no better way.

Though I am still young but have enough knowledge about the Maharashtra politics. I, myself want to enter politics to do something for the people, for my state and for my country. I am making enough money to feed myself and don’t want to earn from politics. But as you know, it is very difficult for a common man to enter politics and that is why we all (the public) relies on political families to instigate the required spark for the necessary change in the society.

I know we face lot of problems and a politically illiterate person like me can think of a solution, but wonder why all these politicians cannot come up with a good solution. I am from basically from Marathwada and have witnessed the growth of the empire of the political families.

I look on you for the betterment of Maharashtra and will like to help you to do it. I wish you all the best and hope that Maharashtra provides you with the complete power which can help you to solve the problems faced by common man. We all have lot of expectations from you and hope you and your party doesn’t disappoint Maharashtra like the other political parties.

Thank you very much for being there. The young generation is supporting you.

Jai Maharashtra..!!!!

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