Absolver or Killer?

The other day I watched a movie called as Bol and I was really moved.

The movie is about a couple aspiring for a boy but parenting a girl at every attempt. Finally the couple, parents a boy but the boy is an eunuch. The father wants the boy to be euthanized but the mother resists. The reason for father’s act – the boy will not have a normal life and will spend life like other eunuchs and bring shame to his name.

Lets stop here and get into the deep meaning of the last sentence. (I, personally, is against killing or aborting a child just based on sex. So, this blog is not about it. Just wanted to make it clear.)

Lets look from the father’s perspective about the eunuch child.

  • The child will not have a normal life
  • The child will not have friends and family as everyone.
  • The child will not have a status in the society
  • The child will not have equal job opportunities
  • There won’t be any progress of the child and etc. etc.

I don’t agree with “bringing shame to my name” so I won’t go in that area.

I, personally think that all the points above are valid. Do I want my child to go through that process? Do I want my child not to have the same opportunity as others? Do I want a hard life for my child.

I, definitely do not want those things for my child. I would want that my child to be euthanized. You might feel, that I am very insensitive but let me explain through two perspective – practical and spiritual.

Practical –

There is a saying “survival of the fittest”. Take up any animal species and you will find that example to be true. For e.g. Cobra’s – when the eggs are hatched, the mother creates a wall around the eggs and wait for the kids to cross it. The kids that couldn’t cross are eaten by the mother. Eagles – They always give two eggs. One egg is bigger and the other is smaller. The smaller egg/child is turned into food when the food is scarce.

In short, the world is meant for fittest. Just imagine the life of your child where everyone around is fitter. Imagine the pain the child will need to bear when the society neglects it, when the society sympathizes for the condition of the child or do something out of pity. I mean, I couldn’t even imagine the mental condition of the child. Do I want my child to go through all this…? I definitely do not..

Spiritual: –

Let for the sake of it believe in reincarnation. According to Hinduism, every one is reborn after death as penance due to past life sins.

Lets believe that your child is born with some defects due to some past life sins. Do you want your child to suffer for all the past life sins or you want your child to be absolved from the sins by euthanizing the child?

In Mahabharata, Ganga gives birth to 8 boys and she kills 7 of them. She couldn’t kill the 8the one which turns out to be Bhisma. If you read Bhisma’s life story, you would realize all the trouble he has to go through. Ganga kills her 7 boys because the 8 boys were cursed because of past life act. And she promised that she will set them free from the curse by killing them the day they are born. And hence she kills them.

So, it could be possible that my unborn child is cursed because of some past life sins and I am the chosen one to set him free from the hardships of this life so my child could have a better next life.

Well, this is just a perspective and I am sure that each one of us can come up with a new and different perspective. My idea was just to provide a perspective and not to discuss about its superiority.


Reading between lines…. Why?

I have noticed lot of us end up reading between lines which is the basis of all the confusion and problem we have in our social circle.

For e.g.

If I say, I like Hitler, it ends up propagating as I hate Jews.

If I say, I believe in arrange marriages, it ends up as I am against love marriages.

If I say, I do not have to drink every time I party, it doesn’t mean that I am against drinking or partying or I am not against who do that always.


Why can’t we keep it simple instead of adding complications. I mean Hitler had many qualities, and not all of them were bad. I admire his devotion and respect towards his home country, Germany (that’s what I read it from books). But it doesn’t mean that I admire his atrocities towards Jews. In the same way, there are so many incidences that occur in our day to day life. But people around us end up reading between lines and make some incorrect conclusion and spread it across.

It becomes extremely difficult to deal with these scenarios. At times, people can even understand or hear words that you did not event speak. It becomes extremely important to properly read the audience around you before you even start to speak.

Why to be moral?

Our life is always surrounded by fear. Most of the decision are guided by fear. We have to study hard so that our future isn’t bad. We have to make friends so that we are not alone. We have to be good as a human so that we are not punished for our sins.

Sometimes, it makes me wonder, what if I remove all the fear in my life, will I take the same decisions that I have taken so far? Will I do the same things, behave same way that I have been doing?


First situation:-

I stopped worrying about the future. I stopped thinking and taking actions that will ascertain that my future is good. I stopped working (too hard) and instead start doing bare minimum to comfort me and my present.Trying and doing everything that will make me happy at present and not for my future. I might have a good time today but in future I will have to suffer. I will be struggling when I will not have enough energy. I will be old, sick and destitute. I along with my family will be suffering for the bad decisions I have taken at present. All these thoughts (fear) is my guiding light. These fears helps me to be sane and taking right decisions so that my future holds good.

Second situation:-

In Hinduism, there is a concept of reincarnation. You are born, you live, you die, you are reborn and the cycle continues until and unless you achieve Nirvana. You cannot remember what you have done in your past life. But based on the sins of your past life, your current life will be decided by GOD. So, if in my current life, I am good to others and always do the right thing, I will be blessed with a better life in the next life. At the same time, if I am bad to others, do all inhuman and immoral activities then I will be punished for my sins in the next life. So this fear, make sure that everyone in this world tries to be as moral as they can. Due to this fear, people do not hurt others (even if they want to). This fear keeps a tab of the moral values on everyone.


Difference between two scenarios:

In the first one, the result of your actions (good or bad) will be in the same life. You will have to suffer for your decisions in later part of life. But you will have to suffer in the very life. You will remember everything that you did, you did not do and result of your actions. This is a good lesson to yourself and others.

In the second one, the result of your actions (good or bad) will be in the next life. You will suffer for your actions, but in the next life. This means you will not remember what you have done before and why are you being punished. In this scenario, when I know the result is in my next life and I won’t even remember what I have done, what prohibits me from doing any immoral activities in my current life? What prohibits me from not being the next Dawood Ibrahim? For me, Dawood did all the immoral activities and he is living a king’s life. He is not being punished for his sins in this life. He might get punished in the next one. But who cares about the next life.

Think about the politicians in India. Most of them are bad and immoral but even they are living a king’s life. People comment that they definitely have some problems/tensions that we do not see. My point, who doesn’t have problems and tensions in this world? I mean people still die, people still suffer from diseases, people still loose their loved ones in some tragic accident. All these problems are still there irrespective whether you being good or bad. Then why not be bad and spend a king’s life knowing that your next life will be bad.

I still have my morals in place but I don’t understand why they are in place. I don’t see any implication for being immoral. I believe these questions are asked by common man but the inability to find the answer or fear for not doing the immoral activities, people continue to do which harms the society.



New year…..

I hope the new year brings something good in my life.

2011 has been a good year. I got married. My job has been stable. My cousin got married. My married life has been stable. Met good people around. Made new friends. Learnt new things in life.

But i expect the following things in the new year.
1) Grow professionally.
2) Understand easily the difference between a friend and a back stabber (not an enemy).
3) Handle other important things properly like personal life, family life, social life, social activities etc.
3) Find the path that will lead me to my dream and destiny.
4) Make an impact to the society.

I am not sure whether I will be able to attain or accomplish all my expectations but I pray to GOD that I make all the right decisions that’ll lead me to my destiny.

I am ready to do all the hard work and put in all my efforts and I hope that GOD bless me and direct me to right direction.

Eternal Peace

Eternal Peace:

I been very irregular in my blogs these days. Right now, blogs are not the priority at all. I spend most of time watching movies or TV shows over and over. I keep on promising myself not to re-run any movie or TV show but end up doing it. Anyways, a different blog for that some time later.

I had my yearly India visit and I would say this was the by far the best visit of my life. I was in India just for two weeks but I never felt so happy and content. The good part is, I know the exact reason for my happiness.

Every India trip, I visit some religious places in India. Sailani (a small town near Buldana) is one of the place which I visit without fail. The typical activity I perform there:

  1. Reach Sailani
  2. Visit all the “dargahs”
  3. Return back.

But this time I added two more activites:

  1. We reached Sailani
  2. We got food with us and we distributed food to 100 people
  3. We distributed clothes.
  4. We visited all the “dargahs”
  5. We returned.

There are many poor people in Sailani. Sailani is not a place with all the richness like Tirupati or Shirdi. It really felt very nice to help these people. I understand giving food for a day is not going to make a very big significance in their life but it just took care of one day. If people start doing something just for one day then eventually the entire year will be taken care and these destitute people will find some hope and happiness in their gloomy life.

Sometime, I still feel happy when I retrospect my day at this religious place. I believe I understood what actually eternal peace means. No job, no money, no car, no house, no gadget helped me attaining this state.

I wish to do something for the poor and destitute throughout the year and not just one day. Please direct me to the right groups (if you know of)  so that I can help them while I am not in India.

Mantra for Happy Life…..

There are many books that explains the mantra for Happy Life. I will try to summarize all of that in my blog post.

Requirements for Happy Life…

1. Good education

2. Decent stable job

3. Good place to live

4. Good and happy family

5. A good and understanding wife

6. Good friends around and

7. A decent life with all the required amenities.


By God’s grace, I have all of these but still there is something that is missing in my life. I wish I would know what it is but still not able to discover it. I know that I am very lucky to have all of these but still not able to appreciate it entirely because of one missing thing.

A pray for some enlightenment and help me solve some mysteries of my life. I think then only I will be able to attain the eternal peace.

All the books that talks about Happy Life are a sham. Every person is different and has different requirements.

In short, there is no one Mantra for Happy LIFE…..

Do we care?

Yet another bomb blast in India. Hmm… Does any one know, what are the next steps…? Let me guess….

1. All the political parties and leaders condemning the cowardly act.

2. Internationally, the act will be condemned.

3. 24/7 telecast of the blast site for a week.

4. Two weeks of discussion around the country with some investigation progress.

5. And then, everything goes right in the dust bin and everyone is back to their usual life.

Hold on, I think I know all this. This is like Deja-vu…. If I am not wrong, the same thing happen about a month ago in Mumbai and 4-6 times in the last 2-3 years.

We all say that the government is at fault, the intelligence bureau is useless and the police is worthless. But I really feel, We, The People of India, are careless.

We do not even care of these blasts if none of our family member is affected. For most of us, it is just a number game. 100 dead, 200 dead, 400 dead….

I remember having a discussion with my friend, that for a long time nothing happened in India. I realized that we are just waiting for something to happen. We anticipate and wait for bomb blast or any other terrorist activities to happen. This is what is wrong with our attitude.

Just to be fair and square, I am no different in attitude. Even for me, it is the same. Read news, call home, talk to people about the blast, do the blame game (a week of discussion) and then get back to normalcy. I hope someday we all (including me) change our attitude toward this….