Appreciation – requirement for healthy relations.

Every person shares many relationships with others. A person is a friend, a husband/wife, a daughter/son, a parent, a brother/sister etc. All these relationships makes a person happy and complete. These relationships are very important to enjoy life. Without these relationships, life is gloomy, boring and depressing. We all know about these things but we all are stuck in the mesh of the relationships.  We all have some problem with one or the other relations. Even though we understand the importance of a relationship, we are unable to enjoy the fruits of it. We know everything but we just don’t give enough credibility to “Appreciation”.

Appreciating a relationship is very important in maintaining it. It is very important to call up your best friend and tell him, “You are my best friend”. It is very important to tell your wife/husband that your life would be incomplete without her/him. It is very important to tell your brother/sister that you are fortunate to have such siblings. It is very important to tell your parents that they are the best and most dearest in the world. It is very important to do all this. It helps in building your relationship and make it stronger.

Most of the time, we take all these relationships for granted. We know that our best friend is going to be there to help you. We know, our parents are always going to be on our side. We know, it is our wife/husband, taking extreme care during tough times. We know all these but we fail to appreciate it. Appreciation is very important. Though at times it might feel a bit awkward but it is very necessary. Appreciate everything you have around, everything you care about, everyone you care about. Let them know how happy you feel for having them in your life.  Let them know and you will feel the difference in the relationship and the life.

We spend a lot of time and energy trying to show our fury on a person and absolutely do not care to tell the person when you are happy about them. When was the last time your appreciated some one?

Don’t forget one thing, Life is short…!!!!!

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Never ever…….

Today, I learned an important lesson in my life. While giving advice to anyone about a situation you been through, always convey the universal thing or the most common solution instead of a better solution based on your experience.

For e.g. — I did my master’s in Computer Science from USC and till date I never recommended doing master’s to anyone. I feel it was a bad decision and I want that people around me should not do the same mistake I did. But from today, I am going to recommend everyone for Masters. It is because, this is what they want to listen and from today I am going to be a good person and not a bad one(I become bad by telling my true feelings and honest opinions.)

It took some time for me to understand this but finally I got it…..