Dark Tunnel…

This post is to describe my current status:

Lately, I am not working at all. I am not finding any interest in the work I am doing. I feel that something is continuously calling me but I am not able to find it. I feel that it’s my destiny that is calling me, the life that will make me happy and keep me on my toes. The kind of environment that will energize me and work as a medicine towards my laziness disease.

Lately, I have realised that till date, I have not done anything in my life. I don’t read a lot, I don’t know any musical instrument, I do watch movies, I am not very creative in my thoughts and the worst thing is I do not appreciate the good things around me.

I believe that to develop oneself, change is very important. One need to change everything to develop a different line of thought. Change can start from workplace, type of work, city, state, country, clothes, language, food habits and all other things. I am not sure how much we can change but I am pretty sure that it helps in developing new line of thoughts.

I some how believe that restless times are really good because there is a new beginning after this period. You continuously strive for finding a solutin and your analysis is so rigourously that you end up with a good solution. Though I can see the light at the other end of the tunnel but it is so difficult and painful to walk through the dark tunnel.

I just have to keep walking and I am not sure how long I have to walk for the better tomorrow.