The Cycle of Friendship

Cycle of Friendship

The cycle of Friendship is very difficult to explain but I am trying to explain in a simple ways. As you see in the diagram, you can see the various phases of the friendship. If you observer carefully, you will realize that you can just move forward in the cycle and not backwards. If you want to go to the previous stage you have to complete the cycle though you can stop at any stage you want. You can skip the later stages but you cannot go to previous stages without completing the cycle.

To explain the cycle, I will provide some examples.
a) Consider, you are at the stage “Best Friends”. Now you both (you and your companion) like each other and you both move to the next stage “In a Relationship”. Now the relationship does not fertile and you breakup. Now if you decide to move to previous stage “Best Friends”, then you both are making your life miserable. But that does not mean that you cannot be “Best Friends” again. You have to continue the cycle and attain all the stages to be “Best Friends” again. But practically it is not possible to be “Best Friends” with your X’s.
b) Consider, you are at the stage “Best Friends”. Now one of you developed feelings for the other but it is not the same on the other end. Now in this case, you try to be “Best Friends” without going to the next stage though one of you wanted to be in that stage. This leads to lot of problems between the two which eventually leads up to breakup and the following stage.

This cycle may not be perfect but this can be a solution to most of the friendship related problems. Please remember the following:
a) You can stop at any stage.
b) You can skip the successive stages.
c) Theoretically, you cannot go back to the previous stage without completing the cycle. Practically, you cannot go the previous stage again. You can be near it but you cannot be on it.