Exist, Grow and Vanish…….

Last month was a difficult time for me as my role model passed away and I wasn’t blessed to have a final look. I wasn’t blessed to see how he was sleeping peacefully. I wasn’t blessed to know what he wanted to say and update him on what I think. People say that he was glowing while he was fast asleep and everyone around being shocked and shattered. I know that this is the punishment for my sins as this feeling of not having a final word will be with me till my last breath.

Now a void is created in my life. I am trying to fill up that void but all my trials have so far been unsuccessful. I always knew that he had answers to all my questions and I was always blessed by his experience and knowledge. But today, I am on my own to look for answers to my questions. I see no body around to help me to resolve the mystery of  life. I see no body to enlighten me with his experience and teach me things that books cannot teach us. Neither can I express my plight nor can I forget it. I just have to live with it. I think, this is life where you have to walk no matter how badly you are hurt. It is rightly said ” THE SHOW MUST GO ON”