So called Digital Age…..

I was with my friends having some food and talking about lot of different topics. After some time, one of them started his Iphone. He started reading mails, playing games, updating twitter and facebook. After a while, everyone around me were glued to their Iphone while I was just forgotten.

I remember one of my friend praising Iphone and explaining the benefits of having one. According to him, Iphone enables you to be connected to the world at any time and at any place. It crosses every boundaries, helps you if you are lost and entertains you with lots of videos and music. But he forgot to mention one important drawback of Iphone. It makes you unsocial. It helps you to forget everyone around you and just be engrossed in yourself. In other way, Iphone enables you to get connected to someone far across the distance at the price of completely disconnecting from the person, sitting in front of you. What an irony…!!!!

I remember a particular scene from the movie WALL-E. The humans in the spaceship/aeroplane are so used to the computer screen in front of them that they never realized there was a pool in the plane. I feel we are heading to that age and it is not good for us if that becomes a reality.

Already people started liking to be alone and aloof and with all these invention, we are making it easier for them to achieve it. Use technology to ornate your life not to disrobe it. Before connecting to the world make sure that you are connecting with people around you…..