Generally, I am never nostalgic. I do not spend time thinking about the past and miss it. I move on with life and look for the future.

But since last 2-3 days, I am feeling very nostalgic about my engineering days. I am really missing those days.

– I miss those zillion hours spent talking about useless things.

– I miss those times with my friends having breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner for the whole day. In the end, you realize that you have just ate from every place in that vicinity.

– I miss those petty fights with my friends over the smallest thing possible. It was as if there was a competition as to Who fights over the smallest thing possible?

– I miss those impromptu plans in the middle of the night

– I miss those planning sessions when we want to do some thing on a particular day and end up doing nothing.

– I miss those frugal means of living. Having bare minimum wealth at your disposal and enjoying every penny of it.

– I miss the jealousy, pride, ego and confidence in almost everyone I see around me (including myself)


There are many many many things I miss but most important I miss is the innocence in everyone around me. I do get to spend time with my college friends but I miss the innocence. Everyone has changed including myself. We do not behave in the same way anymore. Now, life is too serious and complicated. Everyone has a goal which is either achieved or yet to be achieved. Everyone has a parallel life. Now we have wealth but not enough excitement to enjoy every penny. The spark is fading away. We all are connected (Phone, Emails, Internet) but still the connection is not strong enough. With time, the connecting strings are getting weaker and weaker.


I miss you all my friends. Every experience (good or bad) was worth. Those were very important to shape my personality what is today.





The other day, I was with my friends hanging out and my two friends started a conversation about FRIENDS (little confusing 🙂 ).  So their argument was that it is difficult to make new friends once we graduate from school or college. It takes lot of time to make new friends as we grow older and older. The discussion did not complete as there was some digression but I kept on pondering over it. After spending good time, I came up with following analysis.

When we are young, we start making friends every second without doing proper analysis. We start believing on every other person we meet and consider him our good friend. Due to this, we are often disappointed by many friends and we start making friends very consciously. That’s why it gets difficult to make new friends when we grow old because as you grow old, you get wiser and the selection process gets very stringent.

We make friends from our childhood and we start feeling a comfort zone with them. It’s always a challenge to leave the comfort zone and as we grow older, it gets even more difficult. As we grow older, we want to stay in the comfort zone and never want to come out and face the world.  Due to this, we make it difficult to make new friends as we grow old.

I truly don’t agree with this idea as it is not at all difficult to make new friends during any phase of life. I hate to follow the routine and I want change in my life. Change helps me grow, understand and mature and I feel that this implies to everyone. With new friends you get this proper change you require to progress. As it is truly said, one can be analyzed easily just knowing his friends. I don’t preach to forget old friends for making new ones but don’t stop making new just for old ones. Come out of your comfort zone, talk to new people, give them enough time so that you like them. Believe me it doesn’t take much to make new friends. It takes merely a handshake…..!!!!!!