LUX….. Kya Scene Hain???

Date – 20th May 2009
Time – 7.30 PM
Place – Exotic Thai Restaurant having dinner

I was having a good dinner with my roommate and suddenly, my phone rings. The conversation is as follows:

Me      : (New number, some one from the Bay Area)  Hi

Caller  : Hi, is this Anup?

Me     : Yes.

Caller : Hi Anup, This is X (don’t want to publish the name)

Me    : Xxxxx????? So….

Caller : Ohh!!!! Your parents did not mention about me ?

Me    : (Shocked) Naahhh…!!! (plethora of thoughts going through my mind, What the hell??)

Caller : (Feeling embarrassed, doesn’t know what to say)  I got your phone number from my parents. My parents have talked to your parents regarding us.

Me    :(Embarrassed and Shocked) I am sorry but I do not have any idea about it.

Caller : Please talk to you parents and call me back tomorrow.

Me    : Ok, Bye….

Caller : Bye

and she hungs up. I am sitting with my roomate dumbfounded after the last two minutes. I was shocked, thrilled, enthralled and happy. I was thrilled because I wanted to be the one who calls up his friends and talk about his experience and for the first time, I will be talking and not listening. I was happy as I sensed that there will be a little change in my mundane and diurnal life.

I decide to talk to my parents about it. So after dinner I watched a movie and returned home to talk to my parents.

The conversation goes as follows:

Me       : Hi Dad

Dad      : Hi, How are you?

Me       : Daaaaaaaad………., always intimate me first before you give my phone number to any one.

Dad      : (puzzled)What are you talking? I did not give your number to any one.

Me       : (puzzled) What??? Ask Mom if she has given it

(After some time)

Dad      : No, even she did not give the number. Though we have circulated your email address but not your phone number.

Now my excitement crossed my limits. I wasn’t expecting anything like this and I wasn’t prepared for it.

Dad     : Talk to your sister, she must know. She is the one who handles your profiles on all the matrimonial sites.

Me      : Ok.

Conversation ends.

I wasn’t able to sleep that night. Two things occupied me and there was no space for drowsiness to sneak in. Well one of the thing was definitely the story of the mystery girl and the second thing was cricket( I do not know why). At one moment, I was trying to picture her and the next moment I was bowling in my debut match which we played last week and we lost. I told one of my friend, If I was asked to choose between sex and cricket, I will choose cricket. I guess this exemplifies it( I wasn’t thinking about sex though, but just an analogy). So now I am interested in knowing how the hell did she get my mobile number and at the same time trying to find the right delivery so that the batsman is out who took the match away from us. I some how fall asleep with no dreams about any of the two things. I got up in the morning and talked to my sister. The conversation is as follows.

Me          : Hi, How are you?

Sister     : Awesome, I heard random girls calling you, is it true?

Me          : You did not give my number?

Sister     : Hell…No….

Me          : I updated her that X called me and she got my number from her parents

Sister     : X…. Hmmmmm… What’s her last name?

Me          : I do not know.

Sister     : Well, I have expressed interest in X through a matrimony website. But she is in India and the caller is in US.

Me          : Well that is interesting… and we just blabber for a while and hung up.

Now the most important thing to know was the identity of the girl. It was a mystery and I was excited to solve it. I was just expecting the day to move faster so that I can call her and know more about her and solve the mystery but the day was progressing as slow as possible. Finally the day ended and I came home and called her up.

Me        : Hi X, How are you?

Caller    : Hi Anup, I am extremely sorry for yesterday. There was some misunderstanding at my parents end and they ended up giving me your number.

Me        : I was just going to say some thing similar. I talked to my parents and even they were dumbfounded. They had no clue about you. If you don’t mind, what is your last name?

Caller    :Y….

Me        : Ok… Now, you may call it a co-incidence or what but my sister liked a girl’ s profile in one of the matrimony website and her name is X Z.

Caller    : Sheer co-incidence. I am sorry again as I was very embarrassed yesterday and that is why I couldn’t speak a lot yesterday.

Me        : I felt that you were embarrassed the other day. I am sorry as I made you uncomfortable. Actually even I was embarrassed. I asked my parents to keep me posted about any such developments so that I do not embarrass any other girl

Caller    : It was fun talking to you and sorry again for all the trouble. I wanted to call you before but thought you must be working so did not try. It was so weird to call up a guy when the guy doesn’t even have an idea.

Me        : Don’t worry. You are not the one. One of my friend also had a similar experience but in his case, the girl did not make a mistake.(Laughing). You know,  I really appreciate your two qualities. You were gutsy and really confident yesterday. If I was in your place and faced the similar situation, I would have fumbled with my words and sentences but you really handled the situation properly. It is really amazing. Even my sister pointed out to me.

Caller    : (Laughing) Thank you very much. I really appreciate that. Anyways, that was fun and sorry again.

Me        :(The voice of the girls seems to be of my friend. I guess she is fooling around me. Anyways, the story is ending so no need to create some more branches)(Laughing) No problem at all.. But how did you get my number because my number is not provided in my profile or my bio-data.

Caller    : I do not have my profile uploaded any where, my parents doesn’t believe in it. They came to know about you from their contacts who are common to both the families.

Me        : Anyway, have fun and all the best…

Caller    : All the best to you too…

Me         : Bye

Caller    : Bye

The call ended.

Finally the story of the mystery girl ends. I guess my excitement and thrillness ended with that call. I deleted her phone number as the story was ended and I got back to my life.

I am really thankful to X, just because of her I got a topic to laugh about and blog it. For the first time, I am calling my friends and updating them with my story.