I want to live a life like …….

I am impressed by my late grand father. His attitude, his desire, his ambition, his way of living his life, everything motivates me. I always looks towards him when I am dull or sluggish or disheartened or lack in confidence. He had an urge to fight with life, a passion to make something happen for himself and his descendants. I will explain some of his traits.

He was the most ambitious person I have ever seen. He always dream’t of achieving great heights even when he was 92. Even at 92, he use to plan of setting new industries, studying the market and doing analysis, discovering new businesses and doing all sorts of experiments and surveys. It doesn’t matter, what he was able to achieve but what matters is his way of keeping him busy and productive. He retired from life but not from work. He never asked my father or uncle for any money but he used to generate/earn his own and used to give a share to my grand mother. I am really blessed to be his grand son.

People often complain that they are not lucky or luck doesn’t favor them. I guess, the life of my grand father can easily explain the importance of luck in life. Guess what, Luck never favored him at least in business. Everything he tried never worked and he incurred heavy losses. But the best thing about him was, he never gave up. He continued to fight with his luck and never sat back whining on it. He never complained that he wasn’t lucky. He was never depressed that his plans never worked out. He just knew one thing, fight till the last breath and he just did that. Till the last breath, he fought with his luck and tried to turn things around. He is the best example of courage and determination for me. Whenever I am gloomy or disturbed, I just think about him and the way he struggled throughout his life. It instantaneously charges me and I am back in fighting mode.

He believed that his duty is not just towards his family but also towards his society. He wanted to improve the life of people around him and he tried to achieve that by not giving money but by showing the power of praying. He went to villages in India and taught them GEETA and explained them the power of this holy book. He had a different idea about changing the world. According to him, when we recite the verses from GEETA, sound energy is converted into some positive energy and starts accumulating around you or somewhere near you. When there is enough energy collected or converted, this energy starts affecting people and the society in a positive way. He did not know the exact time frame for such a thing to become a reality but he was laying seeds for tomorrow. He went to around 44,000 villages in Maharashtra state in India with this plan and doing the ground work.

His biggest assert was his health. He never had any disease. Even at the age of 92, he never walked with a support. His eye sight was good enough to recognize you from a long distance. His hearing ability was so could that he could understand while you whisper. He was allowed to eat anything he likes and wants. He used to do “YOGA” every morning and walk around 4 miles everyday. He used to read the entire news paper and mark some important columns for me.  Except computers, he was able to talk and teach me on any subject and any section. He had amass amount of information and knowledge with him which he unsuccessfully tried to pass to me. ( I was incompetent)

Everyone wants to imitate their fathers but I can proudly say that I don’t want to be like my father but wants to be like my grand father. He is a HERO for me. It doesn’t matter whether he was successful or not but what really matters is his NEVER SAY DIE attitude towards life. I wish to get that ability or attribute in legacy. I just wants to be like him. I just wish to be as active as he was in his life time……