Arrange Marriages..!!!!

I met lot of people in US who have misinformation about arrange marriages. I though of blogging it…

1) We are not forced into arrange marriages, it is our personal choice (or say last option to find the right match 🙂 )

2) We(male and female) have equal opportunity to agree or disagree to any marriage proposal.

3) We are given some time( not years but days) to decide over any ongoing marriage proposal.

4) We are given enough time and space to communicate ourself to each other.

5) Parents do the first screening and we too have the screening right.

6) Though we do not have a live in relationship before getting married but that does not mean that we are physically forced and married to the very next girl our parents decide.

7) The marriage process is started since years and both the families do all types of screenings before moving forward because marriages in India are amalgamation of two families.

(Please add any more points in the comments, if I am missing)