Maine Pyaar Kiya…..

At the advent of every weekend, same old question lingers in the mind, “What to do”? So, at one of the weekends, I decided to watch the movie “Maine Pyaar Kiya” at I understand that an old movie seems to be funny but still I cannot refrain myself to comment on the movie.

Funny facts of the movie:

“Kabootar ja ja” Song : Just check the video of the song where Salmaan Khan and Bhagyashree goes to a park. At the end of the song, there are “Apples” spread over the park and Salmaan and Bhagyashree dances around the apples. Bhagyashree uses apples as if the apples are invigorating some desires in her. I do not mind the feelings and desires but using Apples… really??? Also please listen the lyrics….

First salary by Salman Khan : Salmaan works in a mine and earns some money on his first day. He goes to Bhagyashree’s father to hand over the first salary. Just check the Bhagyashree’s cliche reaction. I cannot describe the scene, you have to watch it for yourself.

Bhagyashree acting : I guess there is nothing much to say about this. She is the most awful actress in the movie. She doesn’t know acting, dancing and that is why we did not see much of her. Though she looks cute in the movie.

Salman Khan acting : Surprisingly, he acted really well. I did not expect such a diligent performance from him. I hope he can do the same in recent times.

Monish Bhel’s salacious eye on Bhagyashree : There is a fight between Bhagyashree and Monish Bhel for defending herself from Monish Bhel’s lascivious intentions. It was really hilarious and Monish Bhel was seriously hurt by slashes from Bhagyashree with the pillow.

After the clash between Bhagyashree and Monish Bhel, Salmaan also wanted to feel the gayness experiencing after a skirmish. So there is brawl between Salmaan and Monish Bhel with an excellent score of background music. The Salmaan some how wins the fracas and he is the most tired after the squabble. Monish Bhel some how enjoyed the fight and was happy at the end of it while Salmaan was despondent.

Helping with the sore leg after a cycling attempt : I would rate this as the best scene in the movie. I cannot comment on such an amazing scene. It was a sincere attempt to project Bhagyashree as a sex bombshell.

And the best is Kabootar : Why the hell is “Kabootar” all over in the movie. I distinctly remember a scene where Salmaan’s father visits him while is working in the mine and it is project as two teams competing against each other. One teams comprises of Salmaan’s father while the other team consists of Salmaan, Bhagyashree and “Kabootar”. I remember a similar scene from the movie Gadar where Amrish Puir is at one end while Sunny Deol, Amisha Patel and their son is at the end. You can make the comparisons…!!!!!!

Movie name is “Maine Pyaar Kiya” or “Dil Deewana” : There are three different versions of “Dil Deewana” song.

I know that it is not right to critic such movies today because everything around has changed and so their style, choreography, stories, songs etc. has changed. But it is really fun to watch such old movies once in a while and laugh you ass out.