Here I am, in between the crushing market and the diminishing opportunities in every single sector. With every passing day, trillions of dollars are wipped out of the market with crumbling stocks and lowering the chances of hope for better tomorrow. I know everyone is aware of this situation and scared for the consequences but I am here, enjoying every single day with no direct consequence of the “global” market to my life.

I am still the same guy looking out for the passion of my life. It has been the most difficult question of my life,”what is my passion?”. I am a software engineer and after spending thousands of dollars I concluded that programming is not my passion. Till date I confused myself with a programmer and a software engineer. For me, a programmer and a software engineer were one and the same but over a period of time, I understood the basic difference between them. As per my analysis, a programmer is a person who can write code in any programming language that is prevalent in the market while a software engineer is the person whose job is to build the system/application not through coding but through various software engineering practises. A programmer can be anyone and doesn’t have to have a degree but a software engineer has to have a degree to truly work as a software engineer.

I know the readers will not accept my definition and to help them understand we are going to play a game. I hope most of the readers must be working in a company. I also estimate that 50% of the readers are working in a software firm. So now the game is pretty simple, just evaluate the work you are doing in your company and make a list of stuff you need to know to do the work “effectively”. I expect that at least 50% of the reader will be surprised to know that the degree they have obtained doesn’t help them in doing their work effectively. The degree might have helped them to get the job but not helping in performing the duties at the job. I expect that as a doctor cannot perform its duties without the help of a degree, a software engineer cannot perform its duties without the degree. So, it can be said that at least 50% of the software engineers are just programmers and not even trying to be software engineer.It has taken some time for me to understand this difference so I don’t expect the readers to understand it so easily.

Over my last job, I was fortunate enough to listen to the top executives of a big company. Don’t worry, I am not going to describe everything but I am just going to talk about the ideas common to most of the orators.

“Try new things ”

This was one of the stuff shared by most of the orators. Their ideology was to get out of your comfort zone and try things which you have never tried before. You can apply this to everything, your food habits, your way of living, your job and even your hobbies. I am not sure how much that helps but you will definitely find some links that can help you in taking some decisions for a better future.

I will just switch to the most important one:::

The most important one that I want to concentrate is
“Find your passion”…!!!!!!!

This tag line can change your future. They are simple three words but extremely difficult task to perform. Most of us don’t even know what is the passion in life? and the worst is most of them don’t even try to find it because they live in the illusion of knowing their passion. Till date, I was of the same opinion but some events shattered by illusion. I am the person looking in every direction to find some help to know my passion. I can relate myself to Howard Roak ( I hope you must have read The Fountain Head, if not please do it.) I am in a position to say that I understand Howard. Its difficult to be happy if you are not working towards your passion and it’s useless to do any job and earn any amount if you are not passionate about the work you do. How can a person become successful if he is not passionate about his work?

Some of you may disagree with me as I am not considering other things in life. Hmmm…. other things…. what it can be? family, responsibilities may be private or social and etc.For e.g. you need money to keep your family self sufficient and if you are busy in finding your passion who is going to generate this money for you? So the best way to do is to “play a safe game”. Do something that you are not passionate about, earn money, feed your family with food and their needs and keep the cycle going and in the meanwhile find your passion. My argument to this is simple… it’s not possible…

Finding your passion is not like finding a full time job in which you need to prepare a resume and list things you know and give some interviews. Your passion could be anything maybe some times it does not have to deal with all the things that you have done before just because till date you played a safe game.

The only question that concerns me is Is it right to do a job which doesn’t excite you so that you fulfill all the responsibilities bestowed on you to stive util and unless you find the passion in your life? Should I still continue to play the safe game or should I start looking for passion in my life?

(will keep posted about my stance towards it….)