No purpose No LIFE

I am writing after a long time. All these days were not busy but just couldn’t find a good topic to blog.  I thought of breaking the inactivity state and just writing some thing.

Today I am going to discuss a question whose answer is not known to majority of us. I always ponder to analyize my purpose in this life. I am not sure how many of you really believes in the concept of “having a purpose in life” but I sincerely believes in and try to find it. ( so far no luck… 😉 ). I am sure that I don’t want to just live a normal life without having any impact on any thing around me. I don’t want to relate my life or my self with a rock which just exist without even making any move.

I feel everyone is born with a purpose in life and every one should try to find it. Life doesn’t mean only to earn money but there are many different things associated with each individual’s life. There are so many things to explore, learn, understand and finally give it to others. I am being extremely philosophical but this is what I understand.

I am trying to articulate my feelings in words but it seems that my thougts are not yet developed to pen down properly….

(Will definitely update….)