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Got very excited after watching some interviews of Raj Thackeray on youtube. Went to http://www.manase.org and wrote this letter to him. It doesn’t matter if this note reaches him or not….!!!!!

To Mr. Raj Thackeray,

My name is Anup and I am currently residing in USA. I am an avid follower of you and your ideologies. I believe you have the spark required for the necessary change in Maharashtra politics. I follow all your videos and interviews on YouTube and I am always mesmerized at the end of it.

It seems you have a thorough understanding of the problems faced by common man. You always do your study and have your statistics ready before talking on any subject and that is what the young generation likes about you. Though at times the actions are not very appreciated but I understand as there is no better way.

Though I am still young but have enough knowledge about the Maharashtra politics. I, myself want to enter politics to do something for the people, for my state and for my country. I am making enough money to feed myself and don’t want to earn from politics. But as you know, it is very difficult for a common man to enter politics and that is why we all (the public) relies on political families to instigate the required spark for the necessary change in the society.

I know we face lot of problems and a politically illiterate person like me can think of a solution, but wonder why all these politicians cannot come up with a good solution. I am from basically from Marathwada and have witnessed the growth of the empire of the political families.

I look on you for the betterment of Maharashtra and will like to help you to do it. I wish you all the best and hope that Maharashtra provides you with the complete power which can help you to solve the problems faced by common man. We all have lot of expectations from you and hope you and your party doesn’t disappoint Maharashtra like the other political parties.

Thank you very much for being there. The young generation is supporting you.

Jai Maharashtra..!!!!

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You all must be knowing the status of Maharashtra politics as nothing is behind the curtains. I am not going to talk about every single thing but specifically about a party which just started making it’s stand on the various issues. Absolutly right, I am talking about MAHARASHTRA NAVNIRMAN SENA led by Raj Thackeray.

Raj Thackeray, this name might incite different feelings in the minds of the readers and the people of India but after some analysis he changed my negative feelings into positive. I have been reading a lot about Raj through various news articles, watching news channels and reading other blogs. All these things made me think that Raj Thackeray is a menace to the society and he should be banned. I started a conversation with people around me over this topic and they enlightened me by showing me the facts about the society and why Raj is being supported by the common man. As it is rightly said, half knowledge is always dangerous. I always read the stories published by the media but never gave a chance to Raj to justify himself. So I decided to watch all the public meeting videos held by Raj and uploaded on youtube. After knowing the complete story, I support Raj and if possible (if the party objectives are followed) will join his party, in future. Today I am going to explain my understanding about his policies, his party’s objective (not sure whether it will be followed or not) and how it can help us. I am not inspired by the way he executes his plans or his actions. (Just thought of drawing a line in what I believe and what I don’t.)

First what he indents to do:

1) He just wants to concentrate on Maharashtra and work towards its development. He does not want to think about other states. I some how agrees to his ideology. A country is divided into state for proper functioning and if every minister starts thinking about his state then all the states in India will develop which indirectly helps in development of a nation.

2) He wants to maintain a different status of Maharashtra as other states have been successful in maintaining it. For e.g. he wants that every person in Maharashtra should speak Marathi. I don’t feel this is too much to ask. He is just trying to follow what other states are doing. Every person in Gujrat speaks Gujarati, every one in Tamilnadu speaks Tamil and everyone in Andhra Pradesh speaks Telugu. If we move to any of these states, we have to learn this language to communicate with common man and he wants the exact same thing with Maharashtra.

3) He doesn’t want that students in Maharashtra should only go to Marathi schools but what he really wants that in Maharashtra, Marathi should not be an optional language. Every student should learn Marathi and English from 1st standard.

4) He doesn’t want to be like Sharad Pawar who does every thing for his constituency irrespective of Maharashtra. Sharad Pawar pulled every strings to bring water to Baramati irrespective of the condition of the rest of Maharashtra. Though he is leader from Maharashtra, his Maharashtra is only limited till Baramati. But Raj Thackeray indends to work towards betterment of the entire Maharashtra.

5) He vilified against Bacchhans just becase he wants that Bacchhans should do similar things that he did for Uttar Pradesh (please listen to his speech on you tube to know the details). He says that when Bacchhan can be loyal to his state even after so many years, then why Raj Thackeray is bad if he follows the same thing.

There are many other things that can be appreciated about Raj Thaceray. I feel that he is the leader which can help Maharashtra to develop like Gujarat. He is an excellent orator and he mesmerizes the audiences. If he follows what he preches then believe me we have an excellent leader that we can rely on and expect an all round development of Maharashtra.

After listening to him, even I decided to speak in Marathi (This must be schoking to my friends)

Some of the videos that I recommened:

(there are around 11 parts)

(around 6 parts)