Some One Some Where…..

This post is going to contradict one of my earlier posts but this is how I feel….. 🙂

I am in my mid 20’s and having fun in my life with all my friends. But there are times when you really want to have “some one special” around you. Whenever I go to hang out at different places, I see couples around me spending their time in their own way and not caring about any one around them. This scene makes me feel that it’s the time to introduce that special some one in my life. I am afraid of giving the control of life to that someone but still I am eager to do it. I am not sure how could anyone justify this feeling but I am trying to do that.

I am in a place where I want some one to talk about my feelings, explain my decisions, suggest any if required, share the moments, hang out with each other, show that you really care and most important thoroughly understand each other. Though I am quite skeptic about such a person’s existence but still it makes me happy to think of such a person. I need some one to have an emotional bond with me.

I need a special someone so that I am exicted to meet that person after my work, share our day’s experience, console if either of us is gloomy, energize if either of us is lethargic and advise and seek advice in the real life situations. I believe this special someone can create a positive aroma around me which can help me to improve and develop myself.

I just feel that this person holds a very important position in my life and I am just waiting to meet this someone… ( Here, I might be filmy… 🙂 )

Ye badal kab hatenge,                                           ( waiting for the clouds to clear)

aur kab uska chehra mujhe nazar aa yega…. !!!!   (so that I can see the face)