What’s next…..????

Everyone must have read about the recent Mumbai attack’s about how some terrorists hostaged the entire nation. I was restless during those 60 hours when the Indian forces were trying to rescue the city from the terrorists. I have been reading various articles about the heinous crime against humanity and how the nation responded to it.  The nation is trying to bring all the people (internal as well as external) to justice. I am going to talk about the measures that the government is taking against the internal people directly or indirectly related to this attacks. People like leaders, politicians, military, police force, civilians helping terrorists etc.

After the Mumbai carnage, various ministers and leaders in the state as well as central government were dethrone.  The parties starting blaming each other and the media started complaining about everyone.  The common man was agitated and wanted to have a change in this system and he believes that a change can be made by changing leaders. There were many marches against the government and the government was forced to act just to pacify the nation. This act might be helping but this is not the long term solution of the problem. Just changing the leaders will not help us to fight against any adversary we are facing.

My understanding of a politician is that he represents the society from which he is being elected. If the ward/city/district/state is good, the leader is bound to be good but if it is bad the leader is always bad. In a democracy, people select their representative to represent them. So if the people are corrupted, the leader they choose cannot be a saint. So just changing a leader cannot help but changing the society will definitely help. If the society is full with good people, the leader is going to be good and he is going to work for the betterment of the society.

Now you must be asking, how do we change the society? Well, changing the society is not a fast process., it takes generations after generations to make a perfect society. To change the society, every person from the society has to change. Every person should understand its responsibility and duty. Every person has to differentiate between good and bad.  Sadly, we cannot change everyone but we can change a good percentage of the population of the society.

Now how do we start it? The first and foremost important thing to do is to “VOTE”….. Believe me, this is the most powerful tool you have in your hand. Most of the parties win the elections just because of the illiterate, uneducated and poor because these people are easily manipulated and most of the educated class sit at home watching the updates of the elections and blaming the government and everyone involved in the system. First thing to do is to encourage the educated  class to vote so that no party can feel that, just manipulating the poor can help them win the elections. Once the educated class start following this, 50% of the problems are solved.

Secondly, everyone irrespective of sex, caste, religion and education should try to be ethical in life. Everyone should try to follow basic ethics like honesty, dignity, truthfulness, sacredness etc in life. For e.g. everyone can pledge not to bribe others or get bribed by others. If everyone follows these ethics, we can definitely create a better society for tomorrow.

In Hindu mythology, “MAHABHARAT” (epic war) was fought between “DHARMA” (good) and “ADHARMA”(bad) and “KRISHNA”(the LORD) was with “DHARMA”. So “DHARMA” won the war which led to a good society with good people. Believe me, there is again going to be a war between “DHARMA” and “ADHARMA” and again “DHARMA” is going to win. So now it’s your choice, whether you want to be with “DHARMA” or “ADHARMA”…….